Nottinghamshire NVTEC working weekend

This is the site for the NVTEC Notts group working weekend 2021 .

Questions & Answers

 Q   I am a member of another NVTEC group am I welcome to bring my engines ?

 A   Yes anyone is welcome to show tractors, engines or whatever you have 

 Q    What day is the tractor roadrun ?

 A    The roadrun is Monday morning

 Q    Is it a family show will there be something for my children to do

 A    Yes Childrens entertainment area 

 Q    Do I have to be a NVTEC member to bring my tractor to your show?

 A    Not at all anyone is welcome to come along.

 Q    What day is the ploughing match ?

 A    For 2021 the ploughing match is on SUNDAY

 Q   If I come as an exhibitor do I have to be on site all 3 days?

 A   No come for 1,2 or 3 days whatever you wish. 

 Q   Who gets the money raised by the show?

 A   Each year we make a number of donations to local good   causes

 Q   My tractor is a 1985 model can I come? 

 A   Its a classic ......1900 to 2020 all models welcome.

 Q  Will I be able to get something to eat at the show?

 A  Yes you will be spoilt for choice

 Q  Can I use the online booking form to enter the ploughing match ?

 A  Sorry NO for the ploughing match entry's contact M Hart 01636893066

 Q  I am interested in stationary engines but I am not a club member can I show my engines at this show ?

 A   Everyone is welcome.

 Q  I own a classic Rover car from 1970 can I come and show it for 1 day only

 A  Yes you are most welcome as is any classic car/bike/truck/tractor. 

 Q  Who organises this event?

 A  That's an easy one The Nottinghamshire Group NVTEC

 Q  Is there a bar at the show ?

 A  Yes we have a bar on site all three days

 Q Where does the monies raised by the event go 

 A Each year we make a number of donations to local good causes    




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